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Clint Eastwood Poncho

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  • Hand Woven
  • 100% Wool
  • One Size Fits All
  • Made in Mexico
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The Good The Bad & The Ugly Costume

The most iconic outfit to ever see the silver screen can now be yours. We specifically modelled the Clint Eastwood poncho from the original in Sergio Leone’s trilogy (A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More & The Good The Bad & The Ugly) that Clint Eastwood “The Man With No Name” famously wears.

Our Blondie Costume is a high quality, cinematic replica of the original costume that was famously worn by “The Man With No Name” in Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti-Western trilogy (A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More & The Good The Bad & The Ugly).

The spaghetti western poncho is hand woven in Mexico by artisans that have been making traditional Mexican ponchos and blankets by hand for generations. Using 100% high-grade wool and colourfast dyes we have made sure that this costume is not only an identical replica of the silver screen version, but also the quality that you would expect from a poncho that was made to withstand the harsh conditions of the American frontier at the turn of the century.

clint eastwood poncho details

This fine replica has been finished with a non-itchy lining and leather reinforced collar to make sure that the poncho is comfortable to wear. We guarantee that you will not find a better quality replica of this poncho. Whether you are simply wanting to hang it on your wall or wear it as part of a Clint Eastwood costume it will not disappoint and will stand the test of time unlike cheaper alternatives.


History of ponchos:


The poncho originated among the native indians of the Andes region in South America. It served as an overcoat and protected the people from rain and wind. The poncho has a longer than 2000-year old history. It is found in cultures in every Latin American country. Essentially it is just a blanket with a hole in the middle to put your head through. A very simple piece of clothing, however, it is also the simplicity that allows for the unending variations and styles of the poncho. Length, fabric, colors, patterns and even how you choose to wear your poncho make way for a myriad of different styles. Today this style garment has been adopted by many vastly different cultures worldwide. It has been used in wars and on the runway. It’s sold as a cheap one-time raincoat at your nearest tourist trap. You buy it as a souvenir. You wear it as a statement. It has tradition and deep meaning for thousands of indian descendants throughout the American continents. It is a versatile, and not to mention, a damn good piece of practical clothing. And last but not least, it’s an icon of western cinema thanks to the man with no name poncho.


Clint Eastwood and the poncho:


As with any great legend, the origin of Clint Eastwood’s pancho seems to be clouded in mystery. There are many rumors circling about how it came about but none can be sure which is closer to the truth. Some say that it was Sergio Leone who picked out the poncho by himself in a Spanish town close to the set of A Fistful of Dollars. Others say that it was in fact Eastwood who bought the poncho. One story goes like this: He went into a store in Spain to get cigarillos for the shoot and in a dark corner of the store he spotted the poncho. Wanting to make his character look different, he bought it thinking it would give him a look that stood out from the others. And how it did indeed! Another story goes that Eastwood actually bought it in a costume store in Hollywood along with the rest of his cowboy dress before leaving to shoot in Spain. Every story seems to have a slight variation and somewhere between them all the truth might lie but we will probably never know for sure where the iconic poncho came from.


Complete your Clint Eastwood costume:


A poncho does not stand alone! Well, it could, but it looks better if you wear something underneath it. Eastwood understood this, and underneath his poncho he wore simple cowboy clothing. A pair of black levi’s, a light blue shirt with a short soft collar and a simply cut sheepskins vest. To top it off, he of course wore a round leather Stetson hat.

If you are putting together a Clint Eastwood poncho into a costume and really want to look the part then here is a tip for you. Get dirty! People in the old west were outdoorsmen. They wore their clothes for long periods of time and washed them with rocks and river water. That is if they even bothered to wash them at all! The rumor goes that he wore the outfit in all three movies and never washed it once! Now that’s how you get that mean rugged outlaw’s look.


How to wear one just like The Man With No Name:


In the trilogy Clint Eastwood wears the poncho in three different ways. The first way is just straight, letting the poncho hang freely in the front and the back. The second way he seems to have turned the costume 90 degrees around his head so that the open part now exposes his chest. He then throws the poncho’s sides over his shoulders, making it look like a cape of sorts. The third way is the classic gun duel style. He wears the poncho normally but then slings the front part over his shoulder making room for a quick draw. Play around with the different styles to see which one suits you best.


High-Quality Authentic Reproduction


Like all Mexican ponchos that were worn during the movie’s time period, it is made from thick hand-woven Mexican wool, and it contains a leather reinforcing strip at the collar to prevent fraying.  Modern refinements, such as the smooth lining, make it much more comfortable than the ponchos of yore, completely eliminating the itchy feeling that so many people associate with wool clothing.

The pattern is identical to the poncho worn in the movie, and people will immediately recognize the styling and the characteristic silhouette. While the poncho comes in a variety of colors (brown, black, and olive green) we recommend that customers purchase the olive green version if they are trying to stay true to the movie.


Traditional Quality


While knockoffs might fade and fray, these authentic reproductions have the same traditional quality that made the original Mexican ponchos the most sought after clothing in the American Midwest.  Mexican ponchos were historically the clothing choice of “rough riding” cowboys, outlaws, and laborers, so they had to withstand the brutal conditions and breakneck pace of life on the frontier.  These reproduction Clint Eastwood ponchos would make those original cowboys proud, as they don’t sacrifice features or quality in any way.  Even the dyes that are used to give them their rich hue are protected against fading, so the garment will look as good in a few years as it does the day you buy it.


Perfect for Costume Parties


“The Man with No Name” might be the single most famous character from any American western movie, and with good reason.  Something about the calm and methodical way that Clint Eastwood dispatched with villains throughout Sergio Leone’s trilogy resonates with people, so it is no surprise that people always try to replicate his distinctive garb at parties and events.  This reproduction poncho is perfect for parties, and it is close enough to the original that even a trained eye can’t spot differences.  We recommend that you order your poncho prior to your party, as wearing it around the house and while you do work in the yard is a great way to get the “weathered” look that the poncho had in the movie.  Unlike the poor-quality knockoffs on the market now, our reproduction costume is durable enough to wear as a part of your daily outfit as well.  Experience the all-weather usefulness of a water resistant and wind-breaking poncho, and throw one on when it gets either hot or cold outside.



Our replica The Good The Bad & The Ugly poncho comes in 2 different colors:

  • Brown
  • Olive Green


the good the bad and the ugly poncho replicaThe original poncho that was famously picked out in Spain by Sergio Leone was olive green in color. The same poncho was used in all three films and according to Clint Eastwood; never washed. We have included a photo taken of the original at a 2005 exhibition “Once Upon A Time in Italy” where you can see it still looks like it has not been washed and is definitely more of an olive green color.


We also offer our replica poncho in brown because as most of us are familiar – the one Clint Eastwood wears in the Spaghetti Western Trilogy appears to look brown. Why is this? Let’s remember that the films were shot in the 1960’s and over the years the color of the films as happens with all old photos they tend to turn a bit redder in color. This along with the grading of the original film does give off the impression that the one worn on screen is more of a brown color.



You can also check out the audio clip below that we have dug up where Clint Eastwood explains that the original poncho was in fact green.


Measures 80 inches X 39 inches unfolded & weighs 3 pounds.

The great thing about this poncho is it’s a one size fits all, with a neck opening that will accommodate even the largest of heads.

Since this poncho is as modelled from the original poncho we have sized it according to Clint Eastwood’s 6ft4 frame. However we have also made sure that the poncho is still appropriately sized for those of us that are not vertically gifted.


The Clint Eastwood Poncho will be sent via FedEx Home Delivery. We ship from California USA and this service can take from 1-5 days across the US. This service also offers delivery at evenings and on Saturdays at no additional charge.

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    great quality and fast shipping.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Pleasantly surprised at how fast it was shipped to Lewiston, Maine. Thank you kindly for such a great gift to my husband.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I purchased the green version and it was exactly what I was after, now I just need to find a replica hat – any ideas?

  4. 4 out of 5


    Love my new poncho but wish it had arrived one day sooner!

  5. 5 out of 5


    Yes! Yes! Yes! Stoked with the quality, will be sure to send you some photos from our shoot. Thanks for organizing everything.

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  7. 5 out of 5


    Tip of the hat to Clint Collection. The poncho is sturdy and best I’ve come across. Tom.

  8. 5 out of 5


    arrived next day

  9. 2 out of 5


    High quality poncho replica of the one worn by Clint Eastwood in his cowboy movies.

  10. 1 out of 5


    Clint Eastwood single-handedly came to define the American Western after his appearance in “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” – and his character, exuding brash stubbornness and easy cool, is an archet.

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