Top 10 Clint Eastwood Westerns

Top 10 Clint Eastwood Westerns

10. Joe Kidd (1972)

If you want trouble, he’s Joe Kidd! In this action packed western Clint Eastwood plays the retired bounty hunter Joe Kidd. The movie is set in New Mexico at the turn of the 19th century, where landowner Frank Harlan is having trouble with a group of Mexican peasants lead by revolutionary Luis Chama. The Mexicans are rightfully claiming ownership of Harlan’s land but he is not willing to give it up, so he forms a group of killers to squash the revolt. Joe Kidd is invited to join the gang but refuses. That is until he learns that Chama has attacked his ranch and hurt a friend of his.

This is one of Clint Eastwood’s better dressed western characters. Joe Kidd even appears with a bowler hat and tie! Don’t worry, he switches to a costume more suitable for a gunslinger when things are about to go down.

9. Hang ‘Em High (1968)

Jed Cooper (Clint Eastwood) is accused of cattle theft, a crime he did not commit. A posse tracks him down and hangs him from a tree, leaving him for dead. Miraculously a Federal Marshal comes by just in time to save Cooper. His innocence is proven and he is offered a position as a Deputy, but he must promise not to kill the men who lynched him. What ensues is a dramatic hunt for the offenders and, as you have probably guessed, Cooper has a hard time living up to his promise.

This movie is one of the rare occasions where we get to see Clint Eastwood looking (kind of) formal in his Deputy uniform. Dressed in all black, with the sheriff’s star on his chest and the scarf covering the gruesome scars on his neck, he looks like a mean and clean killing machine!

8. Two Mules for Sister Sara (1970)

Clint Eastwood plays the drifter Hogan who saves a nun from being raped. The nun’s name is Sara and she a sks to be accompanied to a camp of Mexican revolutionaries. On the way Hogan learns that she is not really a nun, in fact she and Hogan has a lot more in common than he first expected. Together they successfully help the Mexicans raid a french garrison and after that they ride on looking for new adventures together.

Clint Eastwood looks road-rough in this one. His clothes are dirty from days, months maybe even years of riding! It seems like the only time they get washed is when he shares an intimate moment with Sister Sara in the bathtub.

7. Pale Rider (1985)

Once again Clint Eastwood plays the tough loner who saves the day. This time he is “Preacher”, a stranger who rides in to the Californian town Lahood. A conflict is going on in the small town, as the rich miner Coy LaHood is trying to harass a group of nearby miners into leaving. Eventually Coy offers to pay the miners to get out of his way but they refuse. Coy then hires a corrupt M arshal named Stockburn to help him. As it turns out, Preacher is no stranger to this man. What follows is a gun blazing showdown!

Beautiful costume design in this movie. Clint Eastwood looks almost like a wealthy man in his woolen overcoat and wide brimmed top hat. That does not stop him from being a coldblooded killer though!

6. High Plains Drifter (1973)

In this western Clint Eastwood is a drifter with no name, only referred to as the stranger. He rides into the town Lago and is harassed by three men that he then proceeds to gun down. As usual the townspeople is in some sort of predicament. Three gunmen is being released from prison and they seek vengeance on the town that sent them there. The stranger agrees to help but he meets resistance from a group of townspeople. As usual it all ends in a big gunfight where the stranger reigns punishment on his enemies.

Eastwood is dressed cool and casual, as any drifter would! With his gre y woolen shirt tucked into his faded burgundy jeans he could easily earn a spot in a contemporary levi’s commercial. Way to be ahead of your time Clint!

5. The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976)

Josey Wales seeks revenge on the pro-union guerrillas who killed his wife and son. He joins a pro-confederate group of fighters but is soon on his own again when the fighters are massacred as they surrender to the enemy forces. He finds himself on the run from the union forces and during this time he unwillingly collects a band of companions. In Texas, Wales and his companions are finally surrounded by their hunters, the very same men that killed Wales’s family. After a dramatic chase Wales finally gets a chance to have his  revenge.

Outlaws in the wild wild west tend to look rather rugged, and so does Clint Eastwood’s character Josey Wales. Shave? Button up your shirt? When you are an outlaw no one tells you what to do.

4. A Fistful of Dollars (1964)

A man with no name rides into town. This time Clint Eastwood is the one who is seemingly up to no good. As he learns of a feud between two groups in the town he decides to play them against each other in order to make a profit. However Eastwood cannot hide his good-guy side and he helps a threatened family escape the fighting groups. He then returns to the town to face his enemies. In one of the most memorable western scenes ever, Clint Eastwood enters a showdown with a steel plate hidden under his poncho. The bad-guys fire at him in disbelief before getting slain one by one.

The first movie in the dollar trilogy that made Clint Eastwood a western legend. This is where we are first introduced to the hardcore “man with no name” and of course the classic Clint Eastwood poncho.

3. Unforgiven (1992)

In this 90’s western Clint Eastwood plays a retired outlaw by the name of William Munny. He’s sought out by th e Schofield Kid to help claim the bounty put on two criminals by a group of prostitutes in a nearby town. On the way to the town they pick up another gunslinger, Ned Logan. The sheriff of the town does not approve of the hunt, so he when he catches Ned he tortures him to death. Before dying Ned reveals the identities of Munny and the Kid. The Kid then flees town but Munny stays behind to settle his matters with the sheriff. And we all know how beef with the Clint usually ends.

Eastwood is looking old and weary in this movie and it’s reflected in his clothes. When the Kid seeks him out at the farm he appears in shirt and suspenders, worn and dirty from hard labour. Western costume design at it’s greatest in this one.

2. For a Few Dollars More (1965)

The man with no name returns. This time they call him Manco. Manco teams up with another bounty hunter called Mortimer. Together they embark on a chase of El Indio, a ruthless criminal. El Indi o is smart and in order to catch him, Manco must go undercover and join his gang in a bank robbery. The robbery is a success but the two bounty hunters are caught red handed trying to steal the money from the gang. El Indio eyes an opportunity and he lets them escape. He then sends his gang to catch them, leaving him alone with all the money. His plan follies though and it all ends in a huge gunfight in a nearby town featuring a classic standoff between El Indio and Mortimer.

Still wearing the iconic poncho, Clint Eastwood shows what western fashion and attitude is all about. Imagine yourself wearing the poncho in the pouring rain, slowly lighting up a cigarette and walking up to the saloon swinging doors where you pause for a long minute to look mean and size up the crowd. Now that is something any man should do at least once!

1. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)

The most well known of western classics. Bandits Tuco and Blondie (Clint Eastwood) learn about a cache of gold hidden in a desolate cemetery by confederate soldiers. A third man, Angel Eyes, also knows about the treasure and the three of them embark on a breakneck race towards the gold. They all arrive at the cemetery but only Blondie knows the name of the grave where the treasure is hidden. He challenges the others to a three-way duel, a thing only Clint Eastwood would be mad enough to do!

After wearing the poncho in three classic westerns, Clint Eastwood had managed to give it a legendary status. This piece of classic western attire is now synonymous with the genre. If you want to dress as a cowboy go ahead but if you want to dress as a gunfighter, as a man, you need to get yourself a Clint Eastwood poncho! Pronto!

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